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Account Application

Click here to download Application for an Individual (in PDF)... |Get Adobe Reader|

Click here to download Application for a Management Company (in PDF)... |Get Adobe Reader|

Note: Active Tourist Development Tax account holders that are seeking a status change need to complete a Status Change Affidavit Form. Click here for form link...


Rental Property Information: Enter the property owner's name and physical location (street) address of the rental property. A post office box is not acceptable.

Owner Information: Enter owner's name (i.e., individual, partner, corporate, etc.,) Owner's physical address, not the rental property or the management company's address. Your application will be returned if this section is not completed.

Management Company/Agent Information: Enter the name address and telephone number of person or entity authorized to conduct business on behalf of property owner. (i.e., Management Company, operator, property manager, etc.). If the owner acts as the agent, enter "Same."

Bank Information: Enter the name of agent's bank, account number and telephone number where the business bank account is located.

Contact Person: Person for this office to contact if we have questions/problems.

Reason For Application: Please check one.

Type Of Business Organization: Place a check mark on the appropriate line. If "Other", please state the type in the space provided.

Type Of Rental: Place a check mark on the appropriate line. If "Other", please state the type in the space provided.

Number Of Units: Indicate the number of rental units located at the rental property address.

Beginning Date: Indicate the date rental began.

Mailing Presidence: 1, 2, 3 (Indicates where you would like the Tax Collector's Office to mail official information and documents.)

Other Account Numbers: Enter your State of Florida Sales Tax number. Enter your Polk County Real Estate Tax number.

Applicant's Signature: Application must be signed by authorized signer.

Note: Incomplete application may be returned for missing information.