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 Plate surrenders

In Florida, license plates stay with the owner as long as the plates are in use. Florida license plates MUST be surrendered if you no longer use them.

When to surrender a license plate:

  • When you move to a new state
  • When you sell or dispose of a vehicle
  • When you cancel insurance on your vehicle that has a current registration
  • If the vehicle has been towed or repossessed, and the towing company or repossession agent denies you the ability to retrieve your license plate, you are able to complete a form to surrender the plate
You can surrender your license plate to your local Tax Collector’s Office:
  • By mail – Please complete the Sworn Statement to return with your license plate to:
                         Tax Collector for Polk County
                         P. O. Box 1779
                         Bartow, FL 33830


  • In person

Click here for the Sworn Statement Form.

There is a minimum of $6.25 fee for all license plate surrenders. When you cancel your license plate, the Tax Collector’s Office updates your driver’s license record to ensure there are no suspensions regarding Financial Responsibility (Insurance Suspension).

If there are any current Financial Responsibility suspensions (Insurance Suspension), you must provide proof of Florida insurance or cancel your license plate. If you don’t have proof of insurance before the suspension date, you must pay a $156.25 reinstatement fee for the first offense, $256.25 for a second offense within three years, and $506.25 for all subsequent offenses. If you are unsure of any pending or current suspensions, there is a free online driver’s license check at

For more information regarding insurance laws and requirements, please visit

Take a few minutes to review your registration. Every vehicle registration has important information that could affect your driver’s license.

plate surrender

Postage and Envelope requirements:

license plate & 2 pieces of paper – 4 ounces$2.74
license plates & 2 pieces of paper – 7.5 ounces$3.54
license plates & 2 pieces of paper – 10.8 ounces $4.14

plate surrender

Examples of envelopes that are the correct size to mail a license plate: