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 Senior Citizen Privileges

Senior Fishing Image

Senior citizen hunting and fishing licenses are optional. Residents of the State of Florida age 65 or older may carry proof of their age and residency, such as a driver license, Florida ID issued after Jan 1,2010, or voter registration card, in lieu of a complimentary license.

A resident senior citizen hunting and fishing license authorizes a resident 65 years of age or older to take or attempt to take or possess freshwater fish, marine fish and game consistent with state and federal regulations.

Residents of the State of Florida, age 65 and older, are authorized for non-commercial activities, but are not authorized for commercial activities, such as trapping and commercial fishing, etc., and does not include the Federal Duck Stamp.

The senior citizen exemption remains valid as long as the individual remains a resident of the State of Florida.

A complimentary license may be obtained by completing an application available at one of the Tax Collector's Service Centers.

To qualify for any resident hunting and fishing license proof of residency is required. Any one of the following may be used for proof of residency:

  • Florida DL Number or Florida ID (issued after January 1, 2010)
  • Customer ID Number (number already in TLS system)
  • Social Security Number & FL Homestead Exemption
  • Social Security Number & FL Voter Registration
  • Social Security Number & FL Landlord Certification
  • Social Security Number & FL Military Orders
  • Social Security Number & FL Student ID Card - 18 or Under
  • Social Security Number & Parents Proof of Residency

    Note: Non-resident hunting and fishing licenses may be purchased by anyone.