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Internet Tax Certificate Sale Yields Record Performance

BARTOW, Florida/PR Free/June 16, 2006

The taxpayers of Polk County should be pleased with the success of the Polk County Tax Collector's annual on-line tax certificate sale held earlier this month. Joe G. Tedder, Polk County Tax Collector announced today that for the first time in Polk County's recent history over 99% of property taxes were paid, collected and distributed to the taxing authorities in Polk County.

"The online tax certificate sale produced great results," stated Joe G. Tedder, Tax Collector. "It's generated more revenue for government entities, reduced interest rates that delinquent taxpayers have to pay and allowed more bidders to participate in the process. We are very happy with the results."

For the second year in a row, the Tax Collector's tax certificate sale was conducted entirely on the internet. This year, 32 Tax Collectors around the state conducted online sales, up from 22 a year ago, according to RealAuction CEO Lloyd McClendon, the online service provider for Polk County's Tax Collector.

The online auction sold 15,454 tax certificates at a value of $13.9 million dollars with 11.7 million bids according to the Tax Collectors Office. This represents 99% of the tax roll up from 96% last year. "Each dollar of the tax roll that is not collected or sold at the tax certificate sale goes to the Board of County Commissioners as a receivable and it is highly unlikely to ever be collected. Because of that, the success of the tax certificate sale is critical." stated Jack Fouts, Assistant Tax Collector. This year's receivable was $118,804 as compared to this last year of $436,546.

Other Background Information:

Tax certificate investors generally expect delinquent tax account holders to pay their delinquent back taxes plus interest. If the delinquent account holder does not pay after two years the tax certificate holder can force the property to be put up for auction through a tax deed process.

The life of a tax certificate is seven years. After that, the certificate becomes null and void.


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