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 Information for Veterans

The team at the Tax Collector's Office for Polk County would like to thank you for your service in our Nation’s Military!

The Tax Collector's Office facilitates many types of transactions that benefit veterans. To learn more about these transactions, please click on the following links:

   Motor Vehicle Discounts and Specialty Plates
   Driver's License & ID Cards
   What benefits does a 100% disabled veteran receive?
   Property Taxes
   Business Tax Receipts
   Hunting & Fishing
   Additional Resources
   Misc. Links

     Veterans, be sure to ask for your flag pin.

Motor Vehicle Discounts & Speciality Plates

$225 Initial Registration Fee Exemption For Original Plates

This fee can be waived when the former member, spouse, or dependent was a resident of Florida at the time of enlistment and discharge and continue to be a resident of Florida. The application for registration must be made within 6 months after discharge. You must submit a copy of your Discharge Order (DD214) and Florida driver license. DHSMV form # 82002 is required.

Military and Military Support License Plates (specific criteria needed)

These license plates are issued to individuals who meet certain criteria. For example, to be eligible for a Medal of Honor license plate, the individual must submit proof from the U.S. Government that they were awarded the Medal of Honor. Criteria for each plate can be found here.

All special service connected license plates, excluding those listed below (*), are available at your local Tax Collector's Office. To view all military license plates, please click here to be redirected to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle’s Florida Military License Plate brochure.

*Medal of Honor, Silver Star, Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, Air Force Cross, Distinguished Flying Cross, and World War II Veteran applications and renewals must be sent to:

Division of Motorist Services
Neil Kirkman Building
Direct Mail MS72
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0500

Military license plates can be issued for use only on the following type vehicles:
  • Automobile (Private or Lease)
  • Lightweight trucks for private use
  • Motor home or truck camper which are not "for hire" or "commercial" use
  • Heavy trucks with a net weight 7,999 lbs. or less
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Military Speciality License Plates (no criteria needed)
The State of Florida currently offers various military speciality license plates or tags. These plates carry unique designs and are created to honor the plate holder and/or benefit a specific organization.
Note: Military Specialty License plates are eligible for personalization.
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Driver's License & ID Cards

Veterans who live in the Sunshine State can add a veteran designation to their driver license or ID card, which is simply a blue “V” on the bottom right portion of the card.

To add the “V” to a license or ID card, veterans can visit any Florida driver license office, or your local Tax Collector’s Office.

You should plan to:
Veterans who need to obtain a copy of their DD-214, may request it through the National Archives, which provides information on how to make the request online at

Driver’s License & ID Fees

Original or Renewal with the “V” Designation$55.25
Replacement with the “V” Designation$32.25
100% Service-Connected Disabled Veteran
Original or Renewal with the “V” Designation$6.25
Replacement with the “V” Designation$6.25
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 What benefits does a 100% disabled veteran receive?

Under Section 322.21, Florida Statute, veterans with a 100% service-connected disability are eligible for a no fee driver license, with endorsements, or an identification card. The same veterans are also entitled to a no fee veteran designation on their driver license or ID card. The “V” designation can be used to show proof of status for discounts at participating merchants. Qualified veterans should provide a valid identification card from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, indicating the 100%, total and permanent service-connected disability rating.

Under Section 320.084, Florida Statute, 100% disabled veterans are eligible for a “DV” license plate at no charge to the applicant.

Under Section 316.1964(8),the disable veterans with a “DV” license plate are exempt from paying parking fees statewide. Any vehicle displaying a Disabled Veteran, Disabled Veteran Wheelchair, Paralyzed Veterans of America, International Wheelchair Suffix, or Motorcycle Wheelchair emblem license plate can park in spaces designated for handicapped parking and are able to park free at metered or timed parking on public streets. If the meter is an on-street parking meter, you are allowed a 4 hour no charge duration.

100% Service-Connected Disabled Veteran Fees
Original or Renewal with the “V” Designation$6.25
Replacement with the “V” Designation$6.25
Registration Plate Renewal on one vehicle per year$4.50
Only one discounted Disabled Veteran or Disabled Veteran Wheelchair license plate can be issued to each disabled veteran with a 100% service connected disability. Additional Disabled Veteran (DV) license plates may be issued by charging the regular registration tax and applicable fees.

A letter issued by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, the Veterans Administration Office or a “Summary of Benefits” letter from any other state and city stating the veteran has a service-connected disability evaluated at 100%, accompanied by proof that:
  1. A vehicle was initially acquired through financial assistance by the US Department of Veterans Affairs or its predecessor specifically for the purchase of an automobile.
  2. OR
  3. The applicant has been determined by the US Department of Veterans Affairs or the predecessor to have a service-connected 100% disability rating for compensation.
  4. OR
  5. The applicant has been determined to have a service-connected disability rating of 100% and is in receipt of disability retirement pay from any branch of the US Armed Forces.
  6. OR
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Property Taxes

There are several Property Tax exemptions offered through the Polk County Property Appraiser’s office. More information in regards to exemptions can be found at
  • $5,000 Disabled Veterans Exemption is available to any ex-service member, who has been disabled to a degree of 10% or more while serving during a period of wartime service or by misfortune, is entitled to a $5,000 Veteran’s Exemption. An un-remarried surviving spouse is also entitled to the exemption under certain conditions
  • Disabled Veteran Discount may be applied to the homestead of a partially or permanently disabled Veteran who is 65 years old and was honorably discharged. The percentage of disability must be service-connected and combat-related.
  • Veterans Total Exemption is available on property owned and used as homestead by a veteran, honorably discharged with a service-connected total and permanent disability. Verification of disability is required. An un-remarried surviving spouse is also entitled to the exemption under certain conditions.
  • Deployed Military Exemption is available to service members who were deployed in the preceding calendar year outside the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii in support of designated military operations.

You must apply and a certificate of disability from the U.S. Government, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, or its predecessor must be presented as evidence. Additional documentation may be required.

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 Business Tax Receipts

Receipt Issued - No Charge
This exemption is available to sole proprietors (individuals) who qualify for a Disabled Person exemption and also provide proof of an honorable discharge from the U.S. Armed Forces.*

Receipt Issued - No Charge
This exemption is available to sole proprietors (individuals) who can demonstrate they are the un-remarried spouse of a deceased disabled veteran of any war in which the U.S. Armed forces participated.*

*Note: Exemptions generally do not apply to those who sell intoxicating liquors, etc. or those who operate gaming devices. Also, the local county business tax receipt issued with an exemption will indicate exempt status and are not transferable.
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 Hunting & Fishing

Military/Disabled Veteran Event License Exemption Permit-Free

This exemption applies to outdoor recreational events held for the rehabilitation or enjoyment of disabled veterans or active or reserve duty service members.

Event organizers must apply for an event permit through (FWC).

Individual participants in the event will need to apply for permit exemption through FWC as well.

This exemption is limited to qualifying disabled veterans or active or reserve duty service members and their immediate family members and an assistant.

This exemption only applies to the individual event and not hunting and fishing activities outside of the event.

Resident Military Gold Sportsman-12 Month ($20.00)

This license includes:
  • Saltwater Fishing
    • Snook
    • Spiny lobster (crawfish) permit privileges.
  • Freshwater Fishing
  • Hunting License
    • Deer permit
    • Management area
    • Muzzle-loading gun season
    • Crossbow season
    • Turkey
    • Florida waterfowl
    • Archery season
Must be active or retired member of the U.S. Armed Forces, Armed Forces Reserve, National Guard, U.S. Coast Guard, or Coast Guard Reserves.

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 Additional Resources

Polk County’s Veteran Services helps current, former, and future service members wade through the intricate and sometimes complicated process of obtaining military benefits. A service officer is available to meet with veterans who walk in the office, call on the phone (863) 534-5220, or submit questions by e-mail. This service is available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (

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